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This dog is not allowed on the bed. So his human installed a camera to check what happens when the dog stays home alone. The results are hilarious.

My favourite part of this whole video is the cat. It’s like “oh my god you fucking moron.”


instead of a coffee shop au consider instead a hell’s kitchen au and let me explain u why:

  • ur otp has to live in close quarters in the dorms
  • making out in the pantry
  • gordon ramsay
  • sexual tension at the fish station
  • unfriendly competition
  • gordon ramsay
  • s a b o t a g e
  • if they win the challenges they get to go on neat day trips together
  • if they lose the challenges they have to do manual labor
  • think of the possibilities this presents
  • !!!!!
  • gordon ramsay

Outfit from a while ago when I spent the day in Shimokitazawa (as usual)♥


Outfit from a while ago when I spent the day in Shimokitazawa (as usual)♥


the professor asked me what benjamin franklins brothers name was and i panicked and said frank benjalin. i have never fucked up that hard in my entire life


Some Lafayette….

I’m so sorry! I totally hate that feeling. Can you maybe give your mom some time and then try to talk to her? Is there something you can do in the car that makes the time go by faster? I’ll post some Lafayette pix just for you!! Feel better!!!:)

aww you’re too sweet ;w; ;w; ;w;

that was my plan, to give her some time alone. the problem is that she falls asleep really early in the evening (and wakes up early). I don’t know if she still wants to go, and I need to pack tonight because I won’t have time in the morning. at this point I don’t want to go. maybe I should just ask if we should go in a few days instead of tomorrow— or maybe go during some school break… 

I don’t think the anger is directed at me, I think she had a bad day at work and my dad probably said something that pissed her off even more. i’m just caught in the middle of it.